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  • Dual Relay Keypad Controller CC1
  • Dual Relay Keypad Controller CC1
Dual Relay Keypad Controller CC1 Dual Relay Keypad Controller CC1

Dual Relay Keypad Controller CC1

CC Series is a standalone for two doors, support card, pin, card+pin access way. 

It is with 2 relays to control 2 doors and supports up to 2000 users in total, each user can possess one card and one pin.

It can directly drive Lock, Alarm, Ring Bell, and also can connect with Exit Button and Door Contact.

There are 7 working modes with this device. 

1) Wiegand Reader

2) Standalone for single door

3) Standalone for two doors

4) With external reader for two doors

5) Two units interlocked for two doors

6) Anti-passback for single door

7)Anti-passback for two doors

Besides, it also supports 1 Master code, 2 Manager card, 2 Anti-duress Card users and 2 Anti-duress PIN users, 

providing users with easy operations and safety reliability.



> Pure Zinc alloy case; waterproof conform to IP 68

> Built-in 125KHz OR 13.56MHz card reader

> Perfect digital backlit key, the back light can be set to Normal ON, Normal OFF or Human-Approach ON

> With anti-tamper Alarm, door contact Alarm, Anti-duress Alarm function

> Add and delete card user quickly With Manager cards

> Can register and delete user via keypad

> Master can open the door when entering the setting status

> Multi working modes: reader, one door, two door, interlock, anti-passback and so on, suitable for many occasions


Product Parameter Parameter Description
Card Type EM or MF or HID
Waterproof Degree IP68
User Capacity 2,000
Environment Humidity 10%~90%
Lock Output ≤3A
Working Voltage DC 12 - 24V
Static Electricity ≤30mA
Alarm Output ≤20A
Output Short Circuit Protection Time ≤100μS
Card Read Distance 5~8cm
Ambient Temperature -45℃~60℃
Door Opening Time 0~99s(Adjustable)
Dimension 145*58*22mm
Unit Weight 0.60Kg